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"Mergers frequently fail because of cultural incompatibility between the merging organizations. This clear, easy-to-understand book provides essential, research-based methodologies to use for merging cultures, not just companies. Use it for a quick, just-in-time guide to make you an invaluable member of your company's leadership team."
-D. Svei

I found this book to be an immediate boost to my consulting career. After reading it I was able to convey to my prospects and clients a substantial understanding of negotiating the turbulent waters of M&A. The book is filled with concise yet powerful tools that truly work. If you want to actually HELP your company or your clients instead of just understand them, use this book.
-David Shechtman

Done Deal is an excellent, practical resource guide for organizations about to experience M & A. This book is an important reminder that people matter and it offers a way to move through the process with integrity.
-Dawn Brown

Concise, grounded, relevant and practical. Beth Page's research and 5-C model provide a framework that works in language that is easy to understand and explain. Over the past 18 months, my colleagues and I successfully applied the 5-C model with our VP clients. The model and supporting data provided a road map for both our contracting and consulting process. In the end, this uncomplicated book served as the foundation for the most significant and successful integration work in our organization's history.
-Mike L. Maughlin

I found the book to be a very practical guide. When I am working with managers, they don't want to hear just theory...they want to know: "What do I do next?" This book helps to answer that question for each phase in the process.
-William Sparks

This book captures the critical importance of the human dimension in M&As. Leaders must recognize that the financial and strategic value of an acquisition is preserved and maximized when the people are valued, the culture is respected and the integration process is well-managed.”
—Diana Smallridge, President, International Financial Consulting Ltd.

Done Deal: Your Guide to Merger and Acquisition Integration


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ISBN: 0-9739130-1-0

“When is the Deal Done?”

The greatest barrier to successful integration is cultural incompatibility.

Undervaluing or ignoring the human dynamics related to an M&A transaction can prompt the departure of key talent that were among the assets that made the acquisition attractive to the buyer in the first place.

The importance of an organization’s culture, particularly as a risk factor in M&A integration, cannot be underestimated.

Harvard researchers report that firms that managed their culture realized a nearly seven-fold increase in revenue, compared with only 166% for firms that did not manage culture.

You will discover

• how using transition teams, an integration manager, and a comprehensive employee communications strategy rank among the best practices

• the 5C Integration Model™ for strengthening your M&A Integration

• the 5C Self Assessment workbook for your M&A planning

• the importance of the human dimension to overall M&A success.