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“Change Happens. Why does it matter?”

Change Happens, and the 5C Model contain your answer to the question “why does it matter?” If you are seeking to navigate a change initiative that demonstrates respect for employees, builds trust, invites employee participation and allows employees to claim ownership for the change, then Change Happens is written for you.

You will discover:
Approaches for communicating what you mean to say, without the spin
How to effectively respond to the question, “Why this change NOW?“
How to complete the thousand little steps that help us achieve successful change
Why honoring confidential conversations is important
How to involve employees to create greater ownership in change initiatives


Announcements for Change Happens:
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What readers are saying about "Change Happens"

"Change Happens provides a treasure chest of research and experience-based advice using a definitive framework to help leaders navigate the challenges of change. Many unique observations and clearly defined goals, which once revealed to the reader are instantly seen as essential. Keeping with her respectful style, Beth guides you through a myriad of options to complement your needs and interests. The answers are contained within, so enjoy the read."

-Gina M Donaldson, Global Consulting Firm, Senior Managing Consultant, Strategy and Transformation

"In Change Happens: Your Guide to Navigating Change Using the 5C Model, Beth Page provides far more than a discussion of organizational change. Beth generously shares her 5C model, developed over eight years of consulting and partnering with organizations. This book explains each of the dimensions of change and gives reflection questions and action steps to empower us to successfully navigate or lead change from any point in the process. The elegance of this model is demonstrated by integrating the power of honoring relationships and values, and bringing employees into the initiative early and keeping them engaged throughout the process. Further to giving us a model to navigate change, Beth enhances our opportunity for success by explaining where a change initiative might have become stuck and offering simple solutions to get it back on track. In a book that is as important to leaders as it is to HR professionals, consultants and employees, Beth has eloquently inspired us to improve our competency, productivity, and success in dealing with change initiatives. As a student of Beth’s I have seen her live the lessons she provides in this book in a spirit of inquiry and curiosity while honoring others and encouraging them to be fully present and engaged."

– Jean Hankel, MA, Canadian Oil and Gas Industry, HR-Learning Transfer

"Change Happens is written in a style that is engaging and respectful of the reader. It is condensed yet full of easy to digest information, presented in a conversational, inclusive tone. It provides awareness, provokes thought and stimulates connection to your workplace. And just when you come to appreciate that you could use some help, the tools appear that invite you to formulate a practical, conscious map to successful change implementation and a sustained positive workplace."

-W Wawrysh, Broadcasting Industry, HR Manager

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