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Roger Harrison

Roger has had a long career in OD, having trained, consulted, and coached managers and other consultants, beginning in 1956. He was involved in most of the developments and applications of OD from its inception.

Like many OD folks who were around when Organization Development first got a name and a Network, Roger has been something of a maverick. He began his consulting career in 1956 with Procter & Gamble, migrated in the sixties to teaching at Yale University, and finally shifted to work as an independent consultant beginning in 1967.

That life has been ideally suited to his talents and personality. He has had an adventurous forty years as a working consultant, living and working on both Coasts of the U.S., and also for eight years in Europe. Roger prefers intense and creative tasks and interactions, and his career is characterized by frequent changes in focus. Usually my contributions to the literature of OD heralded the end of a personal learning project, and a change in direction.

This body of work is available now in The Collected Papers of Roger Harrison and in his professional autobiography, Consultant's Journey: A Dance of Work and Spirit. In addition, Roger co-developed the highly successful Positive Power & Influence and Positive Negotiation training programs. Roger's published work continues to have relevance to the issues faced by OD practitioners.  

Roger now lives on Whidbey Island, Washington. He is partnering with consultants Mitch Saunders and Craig Fleck to bring their work in emergent change into workshop form. For an introduction to this work see Working with Emergent Change.

Roger retains a passion for professional issues to do with learning and teaching, especially the art and practice of designing experience-based learning processes, whether at the individual, small group or organizational levels. In his practice of coaching managers and OD practitioners, he is especially interested in assisting clients to bring their authentic selves (including their spiritual practice, if any) to their work in the world.

To learn more about Roger's coaching and consulting practice, contact him directly by email at: rogerh@whidbey.com , or by phone at: (360) 331 7646.


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