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Laura Jackson & Beth Page

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What readers are saying:
Beth's chapter, "Connecting Heart and Mind: The Secret to Being Awake and Fully Alive at Work," is a stimulating invitation to self empowerment in the workplace. It is succinct, well written, and wise. The six secrets she describes are accessible to all of us, provided we are willing to cultivate the focus required to master them. Each is presented clearly and simply, together with exercises for practicing them. I found this a thoroughly worthwhile piece.

Roger Harrison, Author of Consultant's Journey: A Dance of Work and Spirit

"If I were limited to a one word review of Beth's chapter, it would simply be enchanting! My mind kept saying yes to all of your 'secrets'. Your advice is wise and your ability to add practical exercises to allow the reader to experience the truth of your point of view is wonderful."

-Tony Petrella, Organization Development Consultant and Contributing Author to Reinventing the Organization